The Name

Airplane Mary is my grandmother’s best friend, whose travels and lifestyle I have heard of and dreamed out about since I was little. My grandmother would take my dad and his five siblings to the airport to pick Mary up and that’s how the siblings coined her nickname.

The name has been reincarnated throughout my knowing it. Airplane Mary was the title of a band my dad created in his 20’s, the same band he played in when he met my mom. I’m taking my turn in reinventing the name to mean something even more personal to me. It embodies the sense of adventure I have boiling through my blood every time I think about purchasing a one way plane ticket after graduation. But it also enhances my anticipation for the experiences I will have closer to home, exploring places I know but with new eyes every time so I can share interesting and introspective content with the people who want to read it.

Reinventing a childhood idol into a bold future.


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