Fastpass+ Tips & Secrets: What You Need to Know For Planning Your Walt Disney World Fastpasses

Fastpass+ Tips & Secrets: What You Need to Know For Planning Your Walt Disney World Fastpasses

FastPasses are essential for any Walt Disney World vacation. Learn some tips for effective Fastpass planning, plus some tricks and things to keep in mind!

FastPass+ Planning Tips

  1. Get the MyDisneyExperience App – Step one is to download the MyDisneyExperience App, otherwise, you have no way of booking your FastPasses ahead of time. This app allows you to reserve FastPasses for attractions, as well as reserve dining and find out about wait times. It is essential for any Disney trip!
  2. Know When Your Window Opens – In order to have the best chance of snagging FastPasses for your top attractions, you’ll want to book as close to your window opening as possible. If you’re staying on Disney World Property, that’s two months before your vacation. And if you’re staying off, then it’s one month. There are still chances to miss out on the super popular FastPasses even if you book right when your window opens, but you’ll have your best chance by planning as far ahead as you can for your vacation!
  3. Specify your Search – What my family and I have found is the best way to search for FastPasses is to be specific! Utilize the specific time tool rather than just putting “morning” or “afternoon” if you want a better chance for attractions to come up as available. You may still strike out, but there may be an opening that pops up for a specific time and not the general categories.
  4. Prioritize and Plan Around – Pick your most wanted attraction first! This will make everything else less stressful when planning if you know you have what you really want. If you are prioritizing a certain attraction, then it’s easy to search for other FastPasses and work around that. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming with all the different times and attractions, so if you pick one and establish a pinpoint for your day, it’ll make planning out your holistic day at the parks much easier and more efficient. And even if you can’t find the exact time you want for the attraction you’re prioritizing, secure it for the time that is available and modify later for a chance at a new time!
    1. Know What’s High Demand – There are rides that are going to be very hard to get because many people want them, which is something you should consider when your trying to prioritize and plan around! These attractions will most likely be: Flights of Passage (Animal Kingdom), Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Magic Kingdom), Frozen Ever After (Epcot), and Toy Story Mania (Hollywood Studios, although this will most likely change once Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land are open.)
  5. Modify Later — Don’t forget that you can always change your FastPasses. For my family and I, we use the modify tool not only when we realize we won’t make it to a specific time or place, but as a way to see if other FastPasses that weren’t available initially, have now opened up. Other people in the park could be dropping their FastPass+ reservations and by periodically checking, you might be in the right place at the right time to snag the FastPasses you really want!
  6. Bunch them Up – I find it easy in practice to cluster my FastPasses one after the other. For one, my family and I usually do not spend all day at the park waiting in lines since we get to come so often – so we want to do our FastPasses in one swoop. But, it’s also advantageous to cluster your FastPass+ reservations for several reasons. It gives you something to do back-to-back, which is an advantage if you are traveling with a bigger group or little kids that you need to keep occupied. It also adds more structure to your day and leaves open more possibilities for how to spend your day! If you’re waiting all day at the parks to get your 3 FastPasses done, you may find yourself feeling stuck or tired when you could’ve clustered your FastPasses to leave bigger chunks of time open during your day to do other things, like take a nap at the hotel or shop at Disney Springs.
  7. Mind Your Plans for the Day – This is something that is easily forgotten when doing your FastPass planning. You have to remember what your day will actually be in practice as you’re thinking about it in your head. Some things you’ll need to mind are eating times like when/where you’re eating lunch for the day. Other things could be nap times for children, how early you tend to wake up on vacation, how late you tend to stay out, etc. You may find yourself super hungry but desperate to get to your FastPasses if you don’t account for something like lunchtime!


Keep in Mind

  • Remember that when FastPass+ planning you can reserve up to 3 FastPasses per day in advance at the same park. There’s also the opportunity to grab an extra FastPass after you’ve completed your 3 when you’re at the parks!
  • There are tiers to how the FastPass+ planning works. There is a group of a few attractions from which you can only select one FastPass (which are usually the most popular attractions) and there’s a general group from which you can pick up to 2 more FastPasses.

General Hacks

I honestly don’t use a lot of hacks/secrets to getting FastPasses because 1) I do get to go to Disney World a lot so I don’t worry about FastPass planning and not getting a ride I want since I know I’ll be back and 2) I feel a little bad trying to fool the system (aka I’ve never actually done it)! I really only know one hack, so let me know if you guys have hacks!

  • Let’s say you’re planning for a day at Disney World and are not staying overnight. The window for on property guests opens a month before people not staying on property! This may be easier for DVC Members (as that’s what I’m familiar with in terms of reserving hotels), but you could book a night, get your FastPasses for the day you are there and then cancel the booking without losing your FastPasses! You’re essentially using the two-month booking window so that you have a better chance of getting FastPasses you want!

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