How to Travel as a College Student: Tips and Opportunities

How to Travel as a College Student: Tips and Opportunities

College is the best time to experience everything the world has to offer but there’s one problem – most college students have NO money! At least not enough to be traveling on every weekend and semester break there is! So in posting about college student travel includes sharing opportunities, but also some budget-saving tips!

Opportunities for Travel: 

Study Abroad – Studying abroad is probably the most obvious option to look into if you’re a college student with a travel bug. What’s great about these programs is that they are almost all-encompassing – the price includes classwork, excursions, meals and a really long time in a foreign country (at least 5 or 6 weeks!). They’re really structured, safe, and you’ll meet tons of students just like you! This is also a good option for saving money as well because, even though the up-front price might seem daunting, there are tons of scholarships out there that can make studying abroad an affordable possibility.

Personal Trips – Obviously one can travel on their own all of the time, but an idea that is probably overlooked when thinking of places to travel is flying to family. This might not be applicable to every person, but my family is in several places across the US, so it saves me money by not having to pay for a place to stay, and it allows me to explore somewhere new. It’s an opportunity to get off campus and could easily make up a weekend trip!

Research – I am really involved on my campus in undergraduate research, and besides the actual research, there are so many opportunities you wouldn’t think of associated with it, including travel! This summer I received money to stay extra time in Italy just to conduct research there! Plus, research often means presenting it as well, and there are so many research conferences across the world! If you want to get a more in-depth look at why you should consider doing research, read my blog post here:

Service Programs – If you’re into volunteering or giving back in a specific way, look for specialized opportunities on campus that involve traveling to perform service activities. This is usually a more economical option through your university than studying abroad, which is perfect for a college student’s wallet!

Internships & Fellowships – Although not the same thing, both internships and fellowships will take your resume to the next level and could take you around the world! Fellowships are highly competitive, but if you win one, you’re most likely going to enjoy a fully funded travel experience. Internships aren’t necessarily an economical choice since some might be unpaid or without a stipend, but this is just a friendly reminder to look outside of the box and locale when searching for one!

Saving money for college travel! 

Skyscanner – This is the best website I have found so far that compares flight prices across the internet to get you the best deal!

Packing light – I should probably take my own advice, but learning to pack light is essential for very long trips (like study abroad programs) and if you want to avoid heavy baggage fees.

*I’ve found a duffle bag is a college student MUST HAVE. Perfect for weekend trips, as a carry on, or just an extra bag to fill with toiletries, shoes, and anything else that doesn’t quite fit right in your suitcase. I love my one from Le Sport Sac because it is soft so it fits to whatever you put in it, yet super durable and comfortable!

Shop my favorite duffle here:

Student Discounts – I just started using, so I am not completely positive how everything works on their site, but so far it seems like it is another really great resource for booking flights and tons of other things like hotels and tours all at cheaper prices for students!


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College Student Travel

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