Adventures in Paris, Part 1

Adventures in Paris, Part 1

To all of the dreamers waiting for their chance to visit Paris and to those who have already experienced its magic, you can understand my love affair with this storybook city. Every detail and piece of architecture feels like it’s coming straight out of a fairytale and despite my whirlwind of a visit, I was captivated by every bit I got to experience in Paris.

This post is solely dedicated to storytelling and documenting where I went and what I saw, without going too in-depth – just a “getting to know Paris” post. I am saving certain experiences for individual posts and I probably won’t even cover what I saw in a day intros post alone.

There is seriously so much that Paris has to offer and in no way with my four days in the city was I going to be able to tackle all of it. I visited Paris in 2014 and I never dreamed I would start my own blog one day and get to share my experiences with others, hence why the pictures are sub-par and my memory will most likely be flaky at some points. A bit more on memory – despite the trip being almost 4 years ago, I can still visualize even the most minute things I saw. It’s so easy for me to be taken back to the exact feelings I had and the exact streets I walked which solidifies what Paris offered me personally – a new and adventurous dream to travel the world.

It may sound cliché, but I cannot overstate how life-changing this trip was. I felt like I belonged, like Europe was where I was meant to be and, in a way, what I was meant to do with my life – hence the history major. And although I’ll never be able to fully get across the personal impact Paris had on my life at the age of 16, I hope at least some part of you is inspired to go out and discover your Paris moment.

And although I’m going on and on about the magic of Paris, which I wholeheartedly believe in, my trip wasn’t exactly the most “magical” in terms of experiencing the city. I saw a lot of Paris from a bus – yes, you read correctly, a bus. Because I was with 50 other people with a jam-packed itinerary and scheduled performances, there was not much free time and even when there was, it was rushed. Four days flew by, but for me, they felt so much longer since I was truly present and absorbing every moment I could, knowing they would be fleeting.

So, since I saw a lot of Paris from a bus, a lot of pictures are taken through glass in a moving vehicle – I apologize in advance. During our bus tour, which was about half a day, we passed many amazing places – the Bastille monument, the Les Invalides, and the Place du Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower. We hopped off the bus to a tour at the world-renowned Louvre.

I wish I had days and days to stroll through the endless corridors that make up the Louvre. To anyone filled with passion – not even a passion for art – this place is a must see and although I was on a guided tour, I recommend strolling independently and letting the art tell the stories they were meant to tell instead of a tour guide.

From the Louvre, I walked to the infamous “lock bridge,” Pont des Arts. I didn’t have a lock to leave, but I sure felt the love and nostalgic beauty of the structure. What I may have adored even more was walking along the Seine to get to the bridge, past painters and carts full of art and souvenirs that surprisingly weren’t tacky at all. Again, I felt like I was walking through a fairytale along a magical river under a roof of beautiful trees along its bank.

Another sight-seeing spot I got to venture to was the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées. Being the beauty and fashion obsessed person I am, I was so ready to have my moment strolling down one of the most famous streets in the world. Instead, I was presented with 45 minutes to walk and eat lunch so even though we went to McDonald’s – again, on one of the most famous streets in the world – to save time, I had about 10 minutes to take everything in when I could have spent a whole day on that one block.

While traveling has been one of the most amazing experiences by far in my life, it definitely doesn’t always go as you planned and you certainly will miss out on some things. I have so much more to talk about when it comes to Paris – Montmartre, Versailles, Notre Dame, etc., so I hope you’ll join me re-living my adventures and getting inspired to find your Paris, the thing that inspires you and changes your life!


— M



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