Small Town Charm: Thomasville, Georgia

Small Town Charm: Thomasville, Georgia

Sometimes traveling small is the best remedy for anything that you are going through. It clears the mind and gets you excited about life! Where I go to school, there is a popular road trip that students take just to get outside the college atmosphere for a day. That trip is to Thomasville, Georgia!

Perhaps not the most known place in the world, the country or even the state of Georgia, Thomasville is a quiet, rich-in-history type of town. I honestly pictured the downtown area a bit bigger, but it could’ve just been that I was missing the hustle and bustle action of the weekdays when I visited.

PSA: Sunday is not the move for a trip to Thomasville.

So I sort of failed at getting the downtown Thomasville experience because I went on a Sunday and unknowingly to me, everything is closed on Sunday! I still captured the cuteness of the town with my camera, but if it looks a little bare… it was.

Before I headed downtown, I stopped at somewhere I was super excited to visit! Pebble Hill Plantation is 5-10 minutes outside of downtown Thomasville and of course I was ecstatic to visit a plantation because I love history!

The Main House at Pebble Hill Plantation

The atmosphere at Pebble Hill is incredibly serene, peaceful and calm and the quietness that permeates the grounds definitely keeps it that way. The drive to the parking lot is a little lengthy but not at all disinviting – it has quite the opposite effect, since you get to see a lot of the grounds just from your car, but just enough to make you want to see more. I arrived as soon as it opened at 1 pm on Sunday and loved being greeted by the Visitors Center in this beautiful brick building connected to the stables. For $5 you can walk the grounds all you want and for $16 you can get a tour of the main house, which I didn’t do but would have if I had had the time! After watching a video on the plantation’s history and also reading about the history of the families at the plantation on the walls, I stepped outside to get my first taste at a real plantation from the 1800s!

Like I said, the Visitors Center was attached to the stables so that was the first view I got when leaving from the back door of the welcome area. The courtyard was so peaceful and canopied by large trees, so almost all of it was enclosed just by branches! I loved looking at the horses in the stables (They were cute and fuzzy!). There were also cool structures that signified where the family would house cows and milk them. I continued to walk along the perimeter passing some of the buildings like the Firehouse and the Dog Hospital. I had to stop at The Waldorf building (of course, because I love everything Gossip Girl) and I continued to make my way toward the Main House.

There were such charming little spots everywhere you turned!

I loved how free and easy it was to navigate and wander by yourself. And I especially loved getting to see the Main House, all beautiful & classic.

The Main House at Pebble Hill Plantation

One thing that kind of shocked me was that there was no mention of slavery in anything around the plantation – which as a budding historian is obviously something I would have been super interested to learn about. Now, I don’t know the history of Pebble Hill, but I am assuming based on location and the antebellum period it was constructed in that slavery would have been a part of the narrative the plantation tells. Despite this fact being unclear, it still felt like you were stepping back in time when walking the grounds and I enjoyed the opportunity to visit a place that was a part of one of the biggest eras in American history.


I may have had a mini photo shoot in some of the picturesque spots around Pebble Hill Plantation!


The landscaping was one of the best touches walking around the plantation!

After spending an hour or so wandering the plantation, I ventured five minutes further down the main road to enter downtown Thomasville. I was incredibly excited to see this place with my own eyes because I have heard from so many fellow college students that Thomasville makes for the cutest day trip! But like I said earlier in this post, Sunday was not the right day to spend time shopping and eating your way around Thomasville. That being said, I still enjoyed walking around and if anything want to go back to see what I missed!

So, even though things aren’t open on Sunday, I still took pictures of storefronts that I absolutely couldn’t resist (aka I love shopping). I will definitely be shopping my heart out another time if I can plan a little bit better! The two main streets from what I saw were Broad St. and Jackson St. Even though those were the main streets, they still weren’t that big, so Thomasville is an ideal place to go if you are looking to go on an adventure for a couple hours. Places I really wanted to see were Grassroots Coffee Company, ally b boutique, relish, and Jonah’s fish and grits. I have some pictures of those even though I didn’t get to experience them open, but they looked incredibly charming and inviting!




I did get the chance to go in one open store and that was Onward Reserve. It’s not necessarily my spot since it is a men’s store, but I will say from a female perspective that the store had some really nice clothing! It was very “southern charm” with the colorful bowties and assorted menswear. Also, the guy working there was extremely helpful and lovely! He even helped me find lunch when everything else was closed!

Speaking of lunch, I had one of the best burgers I have ever had in my life! I am not usually a burger person since I am the pickiest foodie ever, but my burger at Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop was fantastic! The Pimento Cheese and Bourbon-Bacon burger also got equally high reviews from my partner in crime in Thomasville!


Writing this post has got me dreaming about that burger again! I loved the industrial vibe of this cozy restaurant and equally enjoyed the food. And I also appreciated the service! They saved my day since every other restaurant was closed by still seating me at the end of their brunch! I would highly recommend a stop at Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop if you are ever in Thomasville.

Because everything was closed, I headed out of Thomasville after lunch. However, it was still a perfectly wonderful mini road-trip! I really enjoyed the atmosphere that I felt both in downtown and walking around Pebble Hill Plantation. I think the Plantation is a must do and I definitely recommend any of the food places I talked about! They were dreamily charming and the food sounded equally as amazing. As for the shopping, I think that should be left up to the shopper… so many small boutiques to choose from is paradise if you ask me.

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Thanks for reading! Have you been to Thomasville, Georgia? What was your favorite thing to do? Let me know your small town adventures so I can put my own bucket list together!


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  1. Barbara Beliveau
    January 31, 2018 / 10:43 pm

    If you listen carefully to the video, the original Pebble Hill is described as a farm aka plantation with slaves. After the Civil War, Thomasville became a resort and wealthy northerners bought up the no longer viable farming planatations to be hunting plantations.

    • airplanemary
      February 1, 2018 / 2:52 am

      Thanks for the info!

  2. Reneé
    February 1, 2018 / 11:52 am

    What a lovely adventure! Next time you’re in town, come seee is at Farmer’s Daughter if you’re 21+. 🙂 We’re open every Sunday.

    • airplanemary
      February 1, 2018 / 7:08 pm

      Yes, I remember walking by your gorgeous store front! I turn 21 this year and I would love to come visit your place!

  3. Robin
    February 2, 2018 / 1:49 pm

    I grew up in Thomasville… make sure you make it back to some of the wonderful shops. Also, Jonah’s shrimp and grits is divine!

    • airplanemary
      February 2, 2018 / 4:46 pm

      That’s awesome! I loved it and I definitely would like to get to do more shopping next time around! Thanks for the recommendation and the read!

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