College Goals: Spring Semester

College Goals: Spring Semester

While winter break means a few school-free weeks, it also means it is the time to prepare for a new college semester! Want to know one of the craziest things I have realized lately? I am halfway through college. I’ll be graduating a year early, which I am extremely excited for, but it also just feels like it is way too soon – and it means I have less time to accomplish my college goals!

I am not the best at sticking to goals, but I am at a point where I would really like to challenge myself into sticking to at least half of the college goals I have for the upcoming spring semester. I like to set goals when I am starting anything new but when it comes to new semesters, I don’t usually formalize them in print. So maybe by reading some of my semester goals, you can be inspired to write or borrow some for yourself!


  1. Stay In A Routine — It is so easy for me to start something and fall off the wagon a couple weeks later – whether it’s hitting the gym or simply putting things in their place so I don’t end up with a mess of a room. I really am hoping to create more routine in my life and I think it is something that a majority of people can benefit from. I find when I am running around or the opposite and being totally lazy, I am at my worst – I don’t feel good or productive which tends to stress me out. I always look forward to fresh starts and a new semester is the perfect time to establish a lasting routine!
  2. Focus On My Priorities — I think the biggest thing I struggle with most often is deciding what to prioritize. I have a ton of different interests which makes me want to take on a lot of different things! However, I have come to find that there are also more personal things outside of classes, clubs and social life that I need to prioritize, like my health and happiness. The next biggest thing I struggle with – maintaining my priorities. I tend to lose myself and my goals when there are so many short term deadlines and responsibilities along the way. I know this will be a hard goal for me to accomplish, but I am ready to go for it!
  3. Be More Health Conscious — Something I have realized lately that my mom has told me all my life – if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. So, I am really hoping to cut out some bad habits that I’ve adopted that impact my health, like going to bed late or drinking soda (I don’t know how I can cut Pepsi out of my life…). Being health conscious also includes exercising! I have had so many “epiphanies” where I feel completely over feeling like crap, inside and out. I want to get fit, toned and strong! So I am extremely looking forward to taking care of my body so that I am an all-over healthier and more confident person!
  4. Develop Better Sleeping Habits — The sleeping habits completely tie into the health-conscious mindset I am working to adopt. I don’t actually think I have that bad of habits right now – but I do know that I can improve and that if I do improve, there will be a domino effect. I definitely want to get to sleep at a regular time every night, like between 10 and 11, and I am really hoping to ditch my phone. I usually do puzzles, but especially when I am out of a routine like over break, I reach for my phone way more often while trying to drift to sleep.
  5. Stress Less — I think any college student would say they want to stress less! I definitely know stress does not help out your health and I want to eliminate its debilitating effects. Sometimes I stress so much that I feel it in my back and in my chest! I am ready to adopt new ways of dealing with stress. I was actually recently recommended an app for meditation purposes that I think is really resourceful – it’s called Insight Timer. I plan on using that to combat my stress as well as implementing other practices that will help me be less worrisome and more calm, like yoga classes or deep breathing techniques.
  6. Go Outdoors! — A lot of my goals are not tangible and have much more to do with developing a mindset over a period of time than sort of one and done activities I could cross off a list. However, I do have a tangible goal to go outside more! And one way I really want to do that is to take advantage of something my campus recreation department has, which is called Outdoor Pursuits. It is a super cool program where different adventure trips are planned on weekends and you simply pay to go on an adventure! This was one of my goals as a freshman, but I only just got around to accomplishing it this past month by going on a Manatee Swim (aka the best experience of my life!!)! The swim only made me want to do more, so I am super excited to try and get another trip or two in this semester (fingers crossed I can go backpacking!).
  7. Practice My Photography More — I really love my camera and I really really love taking pictures, however practicing my photography is usually the last thing on my mind when I have papers and tests week after week to prepare for and a blog that I need to prioritize the space in my memory card for! I just received two new lenses for Christmas – THANK YOU SANTA – so I am ready to progress in my learning and my finding of a creative niche I can fill with my pictures. I am hoping to try to go out with the intent to photograph at least once a week and it already sounds daunting to me, but I am not giving up before I try!
  8. Have A “Yes” Mentality — I don’t think I come from a place of negativity, but I do feel like I come from a place of being a homebody and also just liking to do my own thing. However, that doesn’t really get you many friends in college. So, in terms of socialization, I am wanting to adopt a “yes” mentality. When I’m in my room cozied up in my pajamas, but a friend asks me to go see a movie that night last minute, I want to come from a place of YES! It is so easy to make excuses for myself to not want to go do things. I have my limits and I feel comfortable to say no when I need to, but in terms of just getting the chance to hangout with somebody, I am telling myself that I’ll be there!
  9. Keep Up The Grades, But Also Have Fun — I think I have missed a lot of fun in college so far, not just because I am not one for the party scene, but because I tend to have a lot of work to do. Now, this is probably understandable, but I kind of want to find a better balance between the two – a way to not sacrifice the 4.0, but also not miss out on opportunities to meet people or hang out with old friends. I believe balance is an incredibly hard thing to achieve in college and even then, I am not sure that balance would even grant someone the ultimate happiness with their college experience. However, I am going to attempt to create a better balance so I don’t feel too isolated or stressed about one side of college life over the other.
  10. Keep Moving Forward — Not only is this my favorite Walt Disney saying, coming from my favorite Disney movie (cough cough Meet the Robinsons), but I really want this attitude to propel me through the semester. That is especially because I have an exciting event to prepare for at the end of this spring – I am studying abroad! Florence is calling my name and I am hoping to use this semester to tie up all of my loose ends so I can have a wonderful experience in Italy and share it all online!

I want to hear your goals if you have any! College-related or not – the new year is a time for any and every goal to be set and conquered. Remember to keep up with everything on my social media, subscribe to my email list and I am hoping 2018 brings excitement and happiness, no matter what our goals are!

— M


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