10 Photos to Inspire a Holiday Stay at Walt Disney World

10 Photos to Inspire a Holiday Stay at Walt Disney World

To me, there’s one thing that makes Walt Disney World even more magical – a Disney Christmas! to  It doesn’t matter what you celebrate this time of year, the holidays at Walt Disney World will make you feel merry and bright.

My family and I love looking at the holiday decor that Disney installs – and it is a lot. And of course, it wouldn’t be Disney World if the decor wasn’t beautiful, intricately detailed and seamlessly woven with the individual themes of each park and resort.

I love photography and obviously I love the holiday season mixed with my favorite mouse, so I want to bring you some of my favorite holiday photographs of various places throughout Walt Disney World to maybe inspire you to consider spending your holiday at the Happiest Place on Earth. The photographs are mainly of the types of decor and settings Disney places all throughout their properties. Maybe if you’re a Disney lover like me, you can find some inspiration to Disney-fy your own holiday decorations!


The topiaries of Epcot’s entrance are iconic – and they’re even cuter when Mickey and Minnie are wearing their Santa hats.


Animal Kingdom




Animal Kingdom Lodge

Arguably the best lobby at the Walt Disney World Resort, the tree at Animal Kingdom Lodge takes the space to a completely amazing, jaw-dropping new level.


Epcot — Norway Pavilion


The Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

The Christmas decor at Grand Floridian takes my wildest dreams of heaven to another level. I love to take inspiration from all of the Disney holiday decorations, but I’m most inspired when I see all the pinks, pastel blues and rose golds flooding the lobby and stores of the Grand Floridian.

Animal Kingdom

The wreath on the light pole is made of bottle caps, a bike tire and vines, which I am sure is directly inspired from the holiday decorations found in Africa.


Ornaments on the tree at Animal Kingdom Lodge

The picture above showcases the kind of detail Disney incorporates and weaves into every piece i puts in its resorts and parks. Not just a Christmas bow, but a bow with a traditional African pattern. Not just the classic gold ornaments, but giraffe print gold ornaments. The African drums weaved into the tree as well as the wicker basket material – all of these aspects in just this one little picture of ornaments all bring out and tie in the story and theme of Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is what makes the holidays at Disney so special.


Magic Kingdom


Of course I had to end it with a food picture in front of the gorgeously lit castle! (Excuse the iPhone quality camera.)

While pictures are worth a thousand words, there are just some things you need to see for yourself – including Christmas-time at Walt Disney World.


— M


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  1. Six Cunninghams
    November 28, 2017 / 7:35 pm

    Nice Pictures – makes me want to go… Merry Christmas M 🙂

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