Disney Vacation Club: The Perks

Disney Vacation Club: The Perks


Hi guys! Sorry for no post on Tuesday, but I had some family things to work out. Now I’m back and ready to blog again! I wanted to do a different type of post before I continue my new “Making the Most of College” series and I’ve been wanting to fill up that Disney page.

I thought I could offer some information in a Disney field that I’ve been a part of for about 12 years now, since I was 8. It’s the Disney Vacation Club! I won’t do too many facts or logistics since you can look up that information yourselves, but I will write about what it’s like, what I love about it and the perks you need to keep your eye out for if you are in it or decide to join!

The Disney Vacation Club is a timeshare-type of program where you buy a certain number of points that you will then receive each year to book rooms at Disney resorts! My family’s home resort is Saratoga Springs, so that’s where we get the best value and an earlier date to book for our vacations. I love being a DVC member because it brings me closer to the place I love and the idea is that it will basically pay for itself after awhile in that you spend the money on your points all at once and then don’t pay monetarily for Disney hotels after that. If you frequent Disney World and love to stay on property like me (which is an experience in itself aside from going to the parks), then this could be a good value option for you!

Being a DVC Member also means you get a few extras (since you’re investing a pretty good sum of money). So check out the perks I can think of that you can experience as  a DVC Member!

  • Discounts — I’m sure the discount factor is widely known, but being a DVC Member usually means at a wide range and amount of places you can receive 10-20% discounts on merchandise, food or special experiences. However, one gripe is that Disney Cast Members tend to not ask if you’re a DVC Member when purchasing your items so ALWAYS ASK if there is a discount available for you!


  • The Epcot Lounge — It’s pretty fun when you’re given an exclusive rest area in your favorite park! I’ll be honest, it’s not like the lounge is fun or that there’s much to do, but it still is nice just to go and feel exclusive! They used to have snacks brought around, but I haven’t seen them in awhile. They do have free soda and I think an area for kids if you have young ones in your group! Over Christmas, there was a wreath competition that members could vote in. Little things like that remind you why it’s cool to be a DVC Member. There’s also chargers, tablets and it’s all around a good place to take a break from the Florida heat and bustle of the park. The Lounge is located on top of the Figment building! You have to go through the Figment store to find the podium to the lounge.



It’s a bright and colorful atmosphere at the Epcot Lounge!


  • Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake — This lounge is quite different from the Epcot lounge – and in my opinion, way better! The Epcot lounge is a nice place to sit and relax, but there’s not much to do. At the Top of the World Lounge, you get to go to the top level of Bay Lake Tower with a stunning view over Magic Kingdom. You can order drinks and appetizers, along with watch TV and the best part – watch the fireworks from the wide balcony. It’s breathtaking and so worth being a DVC Member. They also host special events here, the latest of which I read was painting at the lounge!

The chandelier at Top of the World Lounge.


A nighttime look at the view from Top of the World Lounge.

  • Special Events/Experiences — A lot of things that come with being a DVC Member are seasonal or one-time events! Which, although limited in their usage, are exciting to even be offered! Throughout this year, there have been Moonlight Magic events at all of the Parks and Water Parks. I think there are also special discounts at Disney Springs every Wednesday at a different store for members. Coming up, there’s an event for members to eat at Markham’s in Disney’s new neighborhood – Golden Oaks! I find a lot of these special events by checking out the DVC blog or in the member’s magazine “Disney Files” that we get in the mail!


DVC Parks Blog (super helpful!): https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/destinations/disney-vacation-club/


I hope I didn’t miss any perks but the fun thing is that they’re always evolving! The sad part is that we can lose some of our favorites (still bitter about free valet parking going away years ago). But being a DVC Member brings you even closer into the inner circle of magic that we all long to be a part of. I know I cherish it and will continue to cherish it until it runs out in 50 years… looks like I don’t have a choice but to keep vacationing at the Happiest Place on Earth.

— M


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