NYC: The Curtain Call

NYC: The Curtain Call

If you read my last NYC-related post, you saw that I hinted at a pretty special thing that topped off my trip! Well, now it’s time to share with you my favorite part of this experience – and one of my most treasured experiences of life thus far…



Let me fill you in a bit…

So it’s no secret Hamilton is probably the biggest musical to hit Broadway in its entire history (at least for a loooong time). I did theatre in high school and Hamilton started running right before my senior year, but I went without listening to one song until the day after I watched the Tonys. Hamilton swept the awards show and I got inspired to finally check it out.

I became OBSESSED as I listened to the whole soundtrack on my way to my college orientation. And the best part is that over the past year and few months, I have turned my brother and my dad from Broadway haters to knowing every lyric on the Hamilton soundtrack – a feat that I haven’t even accomplished.

Our NYC trip was sort of thrown together – we bought flights at the end of July and we went mid-August. And my brother and I jokingly suggested we go see Hamilton. We looked into tickets and there was a very limited selection and although we were joking around, we also had a little hope. One night, about 5 days before out trip, we were in my parents room and I mentioned something about the cast of Hamilton making an announcement soon – then my dad said “maybe it’s that you’re going to see it on Tuesday.” I can’t even make up the fact that I started crying right then and there!

So with that background, I’ll give a little insight to this amazing night. After we got out cookie dough, we darted to a subway station realizing that we were cutting it close to get dinner and make it to the show! Once we got on the subway and got to Times Square, we were left with little options for food so we did the most glamorous thing we could do before making our way to Broadway – McDonalds on the curb.

After scarfing down chicken nuggets and fries, we made our way to the Richard Rodgers theater and oh my goodness I can’t even express the feeling of walking over knowing that I would be sitting in that theatre in less than an hour! We joined the line of other Hamilton ticket-holders and waited. I took a BILLION pictures and at one point had a crying melt down because my brother wasn’t helping me take some – yes that is how high my emotions were. (And don’t worry, he did help me out a lot.)

The doors opened and at this point, I was trying to make sure I was taking in everything, realizing that this experience was going to go by fast. Our seats were AMAZING!! We were on the right side of the orchestra, toward the aisle. We were literally only five rows back and able to see everything (including the spit from the cast’s mouth during their fast-paced rapping.) I took another million pictures and anxiously awaited the dimming of the lights.


A picture of the stage from where I sat.

And when they did dim, I felt like I was on another planet where only the luckiest people in the world get to live. If this post were just words about how I felt about seeing the show I love so much in person, in New York City, in fantastic seats, then it would probably just be left blank, because I have no words to describe how much it meant. Putting the faces, the choreography, the setting, the stage altogether with the music I love so much was a dream.

And that’s how you end a trip in the greatest city in the world…

— M


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