NYC Day 3: Exploring Chelsea and Greenwich Village

NYC Day 3: Exploring Chelsea and Greenwich Village

This series of NYC posts is almost coming to a close! I have one more post lined up after this one about a super special experience I want to share with you guys… but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is!

My last day in NYC was actually spent in the rain for the most part. So, we had to change up our original plan of walking the High Line since we had one tiny umbrella to our name! We went to the Chelsea area, which I loved seeing as it has gone unexplored in my past trips to New York…

My absolute favorite was Chelsea Market! Industrial, thrifty, hipster… it was a lot of things. But it brought out the antique-loving, quirky side of me, along with some modern hipster vibes while walking past all of the detailed design, unique eateries and bustling shops. But of course the first stop was….


Doughnuts! It is true, I love mini donuts made like these (as noted in my post about Disney’s Sweet Treats – go check it out!). The Doughnuttery was in a cute nook area of a bunch of what seemed to be “pop-up” like counters, even though I think they’re always there.

We continued walking and I was pretty much snapping pictures of everything, forfeiting photo quality just to get a shot – aka there were so many people at this time that it was hard to stop and take pictures without getting run over! I’ll insert a couple here so you can see what I saw!




I ended up buying a couple of notebooks and trinkets from another store that was very cutely put together. We finished off at Artists & Fleas which was AMAZING! I love thrift shopping and flea markets so this was sort of like a higher-end version of that. I wasn’t in the market for much and since some of those prices were a little out of my college-student budget, I got my joy out of looking rather than buying this time.


The cute store of trinkets I shopped in!


Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market

As we made our way back to where we entered from, we needed a plan for what to do next. I made my uncle and brother go into Anthropologie with me while I looked around and simultaneously debated with them on our potential plans! It was still raining so we hopped in a cab and away we went to somewhere none of us have been before, but gave us a great surprise…

This place is probably more known than I think it is, but we decided to do something up my brother’s ally and go golfing at Chelsea Piers! I have never heard of Chelsea Piers, but it wowed me once our taxi driver dropped us off. First of all, it’s huge and has so many activities to offer! I’m really happy we went because it was a fresh, new experience for all of us!


The driving range over the Hudson River.

My brother and my uncle primarily did all the golf swinging, but I took a few shots myself… not to say they went far at all. But, the scenery was so cool. The driving range is literally over the Hudson River! It’s on the water! I was so happy about this relaxing break from the city buzz and couldn’t get over the views.

After our little bout in Chelsea, the rain died down and we rerouted our plan to go to Times Square to make a pit stop at Greenwich Village first.

I am incredibly familiar with this area, as I visited NYU twice and was almost about to move here. I got accepted to NYU and grew quite attached to this area around Washington Square Park, but considering I don’t actually attend NYU, it’s still a tourist destination for me.

I indulged in my hipster, millennial tendencies and wanted to check one spot off my bucket list! That was Cookie Dō! I love cookie dough so much and it may even top my love for mini donuts… so I was so excited to visit this cute cookie dough eatery! Until I found it was a 40 minute wait across the block… but for the blog and for my love of cookie dough, I persisted and waited that long. (I only feel bad that my uncle and brother were also forced to wait with me.)


The pass to enter the shop!


I got two scoops – s’mores & chocolate chip!

It was so worth the cuteness of the shop! And the cookie dough was yummy, but I got way too much and we left with not a ton of time to get to our next destination so I didn’t even have many bites! Warning: You can’t take this cookie dough through security at an airport, I tried.

And for the big finale of this amazing whirlwind trip… you’ll have to come back next week and find out! All I’ll say is it was an unbelievable night to be in the greatest city in the world & the room where it happens…

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