NYC Day 2, Part 2: Let’s Play Ball

NYC Day 2, Part 2: Let’s Play Ball

The second half of this day was a little less convoluted, but still full of excitement for this city. Let’s jump back in to where we left off…

Lunchtime! Which is always a good time, especially when your food is amazing!

My uncle, brother and I were at the Rockefeller Center plaza where we ate at Del Frisco’s. The ambiance was the perfect mix of elegant but not too elegant that you couldn’t be dressed casually like we were. They said they were famous for their steak sandwich – so I trusted them and ordered that! It was actually amazing, like a french dip on steroids. I am a plain eater so it was the perfect amount of flavor without any toppings, which I appreciated. And look how cute the presentation is! I was obsessed with the mini ketchup and the glass soda bottles…


And after a delicious, somewhat heavy lunch we decided to do something that maybe wasn’t the best idea – bike Central Park! Literally, the whole park. That’s huge.

In all actuality, it was an awesome idea and I one of my most favorite parts of the trip. It’s lovely to get a breath of fresh air and I’ve only ever seen the same southern area of the park each time I’ve visited. This time I got to see so much more!


And who knew the amount of hills in Central Park?! This was not a casual ride, this was a calorie-burning, sweaty workout! Just with some nice scenery to look at.



This may sound ignorant, but I had no idea there was a huge reservoir in the middle of Central Park! It puts into perspective the sheer size of Central Park and it’s something to marvel at.

After spending a little over an hour exploring the park by bike, we took a taxi over to the Bronx as quick as we could! We had big plans and were already running late. But don’t worry, we made it before the first pitch was thrown…

Yes, the YANKEES! My brother plays baseball with a dream to be in the MLB. We are both dreamers without limits. I know seeing the Yankees was incredibly meaningful to him and it was just super cool to me!


The game atmosphere was exhilarating! I’ve been to a lot of baseball games, but the sheer size of the crowd was crazy to me. And you can imagine we did not make it back to Long Beach until about 2 in the morning. But every second was worth being tired in order to have the cool experiences we were having. And the best is yet to come!

— M



  1. November 11, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    3 of my NYC favorites, Rock Center, Central Park and the Yankees!

    • airplanemary
      November 11, 2017 / 3:33 pm

      Yes, those are the best attractions!

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