NYC Day 2, Part 1: Macarons, Midtown and More

NYC Day 2, Part 1: Macarons, Midtown and More

“Something’s always happening here. If you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault.” – Myrna Loy

Energy, wonder, adrenaline – anything but bored. That’s why I am seemingly having to split up my posts more and more as I revisit all of the things I got to see and do in NYC with just 2 and a half days! But I wouldn’t change anything about the energy that comes with a fast-paced trip. Of course it is relaxing and invigorating to spend a week or two some place, digging deeper beyond the surface of its attractions. But there’s something about checking off must-see sites in a quick New York minute that is equally as special and maybe even a bit more exciting.

Despite the time constraint of this adventure, I and my sidekicks for the weekend were not in a particular rush to Manhattan, knowing we would be there all day, and even part of the night, long. My favorite thing to do after waking up was to go on the porch of my uncle’s condo to see and hear the Atlantic waves crashing on the beach. And if you turned your head the other direction, you could see the sun rising above the iconic skyline.

Our lazy morning led us to the cutest breakfast venue. Laurel Diner, the perfect mix of retro and modern, comfy and bright – it has been one of my favorite spots from my previous stays on Long Beach. I have of late been obsessed with breakfast food… especially pancakes! And even better – cinnabun pancakes! I was not up to the challenge, but my brother happily scarfed down what literally looked like cinnamon rolls in pancake form. Yes please, we’ll take more of those.



And after missing the first few LIRR trains, we doted around the main road to step into a few shops awaiting the arrival of the next one.

To the exciting part ~ the city!

Of the two and a half days, I am most surprised about how much we could cram into 13 hours on this day! Our basic agenda was walk from Penn Station to the Empire State Building and then follow Fifth Avenue all the way up to Central Park. So in that case we saw…

  • Grand Central Station IMG_0105.jpg

The only other time I was in Grand Central was to eat at their food court… and not even with the chance to see the iconic platform! I was so excited to check this off of my NY bucket list. And my uncle showed us a secret spot in the station – if you go to one of the intersections of walkways near the food court and one person stands in one corner and another person in the other, you can hear each other through the walls! That might be confusing to locate based on my poor navigational skills, but these whispering walls are a fun hidden gem if you can find them!


My Uncle at the secret stop in Grand Central! I was in the opposite corner and could hear him talking through the walls!

  • Chrysler Building


This is about the most of the Chrysler Building that I actually saw! Just a few quick pictures and we were already heading to our next stop. I love seeing the Chrysler Building at night and I am hoping to actually go inside the next time I visit!

  • New York Public Library


This was one of my FAVORITE spots and my first time ever seeing it! It is so picturesque and the contrast of the modern skyscrapers beside the library and the park behind it made for some stunning sightseeing. We spent a lot of time walking through the halls of the library, bending our necks until they hurt to see the amazing ceilings of each room and looking at the study rooms that I wish my college library looked like. I loved taking photos here, so here’s a few of my favorites.




This scene is unbelievably stunning in person. A camera can’t capture it nearly as well!


I would spend every day here if I could…

  • Bryant Park


I have also never seen Bryant Park before, but had always heard of it. And oh my gosh how cute! I loved this whole area – the library, the open field of grass, the adorable green metal chairs on the stone pathway. I really loved enjoying a breath of nature and fresh air after running down busy streets. Another thing I loved? The food stands! I got a pistachio macaron, which are my favorite kind!


  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Another NYC first – St. Patrick’s. I have walked by, but I have never seen the inside. I had so much fun with my camera in here! I love visiting churches and taking photographs of them. They always bring an extra bit of magic to a photograph with the lighting from the candles, the stain glass windows, the tall ceilings. My favorite part, however, was lighting a candle for my great-grandmother, my nonna, whose birthday was the next day. That inspired my favorite photograph:


The candle in the picture is the one that I lit for my Nonna. The extra meaning makes this picture even more stunning to me. I may be a bit biased! 

  • Rockefeller Center


I don’t have any other photos from Rockefeller, but I will say that I have never seen it in the summer with the cute restaurant in place of the ice rink! I thought that was really cute, even though we didn’t dine there. One of my bucket list items is to ice skate at Rockefeller at Christmas-time!

Annnnnnnnd that was all before lunch! We had a mix of visits – either just popping in to the lobby of the Empire State Building or spending half an hour in just one room of the New York Public Library. But it was all really fun, especially with my partners in crime (shout out to my brother and my uncle!) and I got to see some sights that I have been dreaming of since my first trip to New York City. I have much more to share and I hope reading about this adventure makes you want to read the rest of it! Happy traveling in the meantime ♥

— M


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