NYC Day 1: A Big Skyline and A Little Italy…

NYC Day 1: A Big Skyline and A Little Italy…

Two weeks ago I hopped on a plane to JFK for a whirlwind few days in the Big Apple. Somewhat of a last minute trip, my time in NYC was spent seeing all the sights. I went on this adventure with my brother who has never been to the city before! So for that reason it was more of a tourist-y themed trip, but I was able to add some places to my NYC bucket list that are a bit less traveled.

I met my uncle at the airport who works in Long Beach, so I have become very familiar with the train rides to Penn Station. We immediately hopped on a train to go to Manhattan and once there, we transferred to a subway to get us to the 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Tower. I have been to the memorial before and it is no less impactful the second time around…


Something I haven’t done before – go to the top of one of the trademark skyscrapers on Manhattan. But I got the opportunity to go to the top of Freedom Tower! I absolutely loved it – I think there was something special specifically about the top of the Freedom Tower since it is so far south on Manhattan. You get a perfect view of the water, the Statue of Liberty and you get an almost full-sized view of New York City! Which was breathtaking, to say the least.


My first view of Brooklyn

And after I snapped a bunch of skyline photos, we took a cab to an area of NYC that I had never been to before but absolutely belonged in – Little Italy! I am of Italian heritage and I am learning the language now at university, so I loved walking the streets with the lights twinkling above my head.


I loved the look of the streets against the background of the Empire State Building… it looked so picturesque!


Our lovely table by the window.

We ate at a corner restaurant called Piacere. It was the perfect amount of coziness to balance the action still visible and heard on the city street. After we walked the promenade, we called it a night to return to Long Beach. But not before we got a snack for the ride! And who can resist Krispy Kreme? Definitely not me.

And the day ends at my uncle’s condo on the water. We arrived in New York this first day at 2 in the afternoon so it wasn’t uncanny that we took it slow on our first day. But trust me, the next two were whirlwinds! I look forward to sharing more of my NYC adventures with you and would love to hear about other NYC experiences as I post about the rest of my travels.

— M



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