What’s In My Bag: Airplane Edition

What’s In My Bag: Airplane Edition

I spent the first portion of this week in The Big Apple and am finishing it off now in The Windy City before heading home – which actually makes this my first multi-flight vacation! And I’ll be honest, flying can make me pretty anxious. So along with my everyday purse essentials, I have a few things that help me get through a flight worry-free.

The Bag

I always take advantage of bringing a personal item on the plane, as well as a carry on. I typically bring some sort of backpack so that I can fit the most stuff, a.k.a. I always overpack for trips! This bag is my go to because it is spacious, inexpensive and cute! I will say, if you are looking for comfort then this would not be my first choice. This bag isn’t uncomfortable, because it holds its weight pretty well and evenly. However, there are probably better options if you care more about comfort over style. You will probably see this bag more because I bring it everywhere with me when I need more room than a purse!


The Essentials

  • Wallet & Phone & Charger — I obviously do not go anywhere without these! And especially if I am traveling by myself, I will always have them on me. I have my wallet on a lanyard and an extra pouch attached in case I need room for change, chapstick, etc. I got the lanyard because I found it to be the easiest way to carry it around campus with my keys too! All pieces are from Vera Bradley. The iPhone is rose gold with a glitter case by CaseMate!


  • Makeup Bag — I try to travel with as little makeup on as possible. Your skin can get dehydrated when flying and it just feels nicer to have a fresh, clean face after any type of air travel. I typically throw in products that will keep me looking fresh – powder, a spooly to comb through my very unruly brows, mascara and whatever lip look I am wearing that day!


  • Water & Sprite — I have a reason for each of these bottled drinks to be essential for my plane rides. Like I said, flying can make your skin and simply your body dehydrated in general! So I always get a bottle of water before the plane so I have it the whole trip, rather than relying on the beverage carts on board. I also grab a Sprite because lately, I have experienced more motion sickness while flying. Sprite and 7 Up are good drinks to help settle your stomach. However, I would recommend grabbing the water too because soda does not do much more for your health than keep a bugged stomach at bay and it won’t give you the hydration you need to replenish your body.


  • Medicines — I always keep any prescriptions or medications on me when I am traveling, as well as a travel-size Advil container! I can get headaches pretty often so having Advil is handy and the small containers do not take up much space in my bag!
  • Sudoku & Crossword Puzzles — These are ESSENTIAL for me! I love a good book of puzzles and actively concentrating on solving them distracts me from a whole lot, including turbulence.


The Extras

  • Sunglasses — Typically, I don’t wear sunglasses all that much. But I find them to be extremely handy if I am going out right after I get off the plane (that is, not going straight to my hotel). These are a pair I got from Charming Charlie’s for $10. It is so much better to have them handy than to not in case I do find myself in need of a pair!


  • Camera — I like to keep my camera on me and especially now that I have this platform, I try to keep it by my side as much as possible in case I get some inspiration for blog pictures!

And yes, all of that stuff fits in my backpack pictured at the top of the post!

I took all of these pictures at the airport earlier this week and I have many more to share from my trip! Look out for posts about NYC in the coming weeks… and if there’s anything you want to see from me or hear about my trip, comment here or on my Instagram! I’m so happy that I was able to end my summer with some city adventures… happy flying ♥

— M


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