The Dream and The Destination

The Dream and The Destination

McHenry, Il. Where my childhood started and where I dreamed up the journeys that would take me away from that small town on the outskirts of the Chicago suburbs.

If growing up in a rural town made me realize anything, it was that my dreams were so much bigger than the city limit. I have always been an idealist, conjuring up big ideas for the person I wanted to be and for the things I wanted to do. This trait has come with its faults, as I have come to realize you cannot be perfect at every little thing you pursue, especially when pursuing a million different things at the same time! This has always been a weakness of mine, but I also consider it my greatest strength. I am always willing to learn, to grow and to experience new things in life.

With that introduction being set, I want to make this first post like a map. A map to my dream destinations, both in the world and for this blog. By writing on this platform, I hope to be someone who inspires, teaches and is constantly learning along the journey. I love history and in every place I travel to, I want to share a bit of the stories from its past. I truly believe learning from other places and cultures is one of the most valuable things one can do. To get to know me a bit better, visit my About page where I hope I can fill in any gaps of information about myself that I left out here.

And before I list my dream destinations in this world, I want to add a quick background to the purpose of this blog. Right now, I am in college, so having a full time travel blog does not really work for me at the moment. But I am hoping to get my feet wet in this internet-world by blogging about the travel experience I do have, my favorite place in the world (Disney) and the other things in my life that could potentially help others in my writing about them. This is just the beginning of a long journey and one I have wanted to start since my first ever (and so far, only) trip abroad – which I will detail in a later post 🙂

And the big finale: My Dream Destinations

  1. Lofoten, Norway 

    Image from

    — This magical place has been at the top of my bucket list for years and I have been drooling over Instagram pictures of its stunning landscape for just as long. I have always been infatuated by Scandinavian culture, architecture and of course, the fjords!

  2. Sicily

    Image of Cefalu, Sicily from

    — My Nonno and Nonna emigrated from Sicily in the 1970s and since I was little, I’ve dreamed of seeing the small villages they come from and the other amazing sites tied to my heritage. Sicily is at the top of my list, but of course Italy as a whole is a must see for me. Hopefully I’ll be fluent in the language by my first visit!

  3. The Maldives
    maldives .jpg

    Image from

    — Another dreamy place that I probably would not do justice explaining. Just look at the picture.

  4. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 

    Image from

    — I have a huge desire to go to several places in Africa, as Disney’s Animal Kingdom has always made me obsessed with the culture and wildlife. To see where they get there inspiration is a must do. Plus, I can specifically envision my breath being taken away on a safari at the foot of this volcano.

  5. Palawan, Phillipines

    Image from

    — I am not much of a beach-goer, as indicated by my pale skin, but I am putting myself out there more because of beautiful places like the Philippines and wanting to enjoy the crystal-clear waters! One day I’ll find my way to this Pacific gem.

  6. Borneo, Indonesia

    Image from

    — I am honestly not sure if Borneo is a place one typically visits, since it is quite the jungle. But my absolute favorite animals are orangutans! I have seen so many television specials on this beautiful island where they dwell making me want to interact with them if it’s possible.

  7. Lake Como, Italy

    Image from

    — To me, Lake Como looks less like a place on Earth and more like heaven. As you read before, I’m Italian so I am already obsessed with the culture and this beautiful area oozes with Italian charm.

  8. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    Image from

    — This place looks magical! I have seen endless amounts of photos from bloggers I follow and I can’t wait until I get to experience this destination for myself!

  9. Dubai, U.A.E

    Image from

    — I love the architecture and design elements trademarked by places in the Middle East. I also have a crazy dream that if ever I were to skydive, it would be in Dubai so I could get some insanely beautiful pictures of the cities skyline and the palm!

  10. Pacific Coast Highway, California

    Image from

    — Daydreaming of a road trip down the California coast? Me too, which is why it makes my top ten. There are so many places I want to stop but I would have to include Napa Valley, the tiny dutch inspired towns along the way and obviously SoCal.

Thanks for reading about where I want to go! I’ll be making checks off of my bucket list as I go along, so I appreciate you following along my journey!

— M


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  1. July 28, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    The Blue Lagoon does looks so dreamy, almost otherworldly!

    • July 28, 2017 / 4:18 pm

      I know! I’m dying to go there one day and explore the rest of Iceland as well!

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